Monday, November 24, 2008

We're Still Here

We're still here and we still love you guys. It has been a strange year for our whole family, very busy and life changing. I just really can't find time to blog, call, or email anyone these days. I know I have said all of this before and you could probably care less. The true fact is that I hate to write. It just never makes a lot of sense. I read everyone else's blogs and they sound so great and I wish I could come up with something like that!! I sometimes can't even think of something to reply with. So just know I am reading your blogs as often as I can and they are all wonderful and such a blessing to me.

I couldn't leave my post without telling you how proud I am of my kids. I hope you saw the paper Sunday and saw my son on the front page!! He made the play of the game (a 40 yard pass touchdown) in an Allstars Tournament this weekend. He is such an awesome athlete and we are so very proud of him. And Katie is a great athlete too or should I say the best gymnist I know. She amazes me at how fast she learns. Cheerleading is over, but she is still taking gym classes to better herself for next year's tryouts. I am so proud of her too!! And now there's Ella, the tornado, Fleming. She will surely be a great athlete or something like that one day. She is into everything. When I get one room clean, the other one is being hit by Ella. Oh, but what a joy she is and how she warms our hearts every day. I would spend my whole day cleaning up every day as long as I have that sweet precious smile to look at. Praise be to GOD that she is doing great!!!

Well, thanks for listening and I hope to hear from you guys. I havent been in church much lately because Ella or Kyle or somebody is sick or Tim has to work and it is so hard getting it together without him, but I wanted you to know how much I miss you guys and love you very much. Blessings on all of you!!!


Sunday, September 21, 2008

"Life at the Flemings" Ella turns "1", Katie's 1st Comp., Kyle to the ER

What can I say, there is always excitement at the Fleming house. Let me first start with the two "good" things. We celebrated and rejoiced as Ella turned 1 year old last week. Like I said in my last post it is so hard to believe that Katie turned "12", now couple that with my other daughter turning "1". How awesome is that! I am so blessed to get to enjoy this time with Katie as she is becoming a young woman and at the same time start all over with Ella. It has been a long hard year, but worth every minute of it. We have enjoyed Ella so much and we are looking forward to many many more birthdays to come. We so much want her to be off of her medication and just be herself and not have to worry about anymore seizures. This is our prayer for the coming year, that Ella would be able to come off of the Phenobarbitol and not have another seizure "ever". Please join me in praying that for Ella.

Our other good thing is that Katie had her first competition yesterday. They did not win, but let me just say they did awesome. They had the worst practices this past week where they could not stick any of their stunts, the counting was off, and the tumbling was terrible. They got yelled at several times by the coach and the moral was just really down on Friday, but Saturday was great!!! They nailed all of it!! They did such a great job and were so proud. Katie even competed in a "jump off" doing toe touches, right hurdler, and pike and did an awesome job. We were so proud of them!! By the way, if anybody would like to see them and three other middle schools (new hope, north whitfield, valley point) perform in an exhibition, it is this coming Sunday (Sept. 28th) at Westside Middle School at 3:00, cost is $5.00 for adults, $3.00 for students. It's not a competition, so no pressure for the girls!! Please come, Katie would love it!!!

Now, lastly, back to the ER we go, but this time not with Ella. While I was at Katie's competition in Rome Saturday, Kyle had a football game. Tim called as we were heading home and told me they were on their way to the Emergency Room. Kyle had hit a guy head-on and bounced back onto the ground on top of his head. For a few minutes he could not get up because he was feeling dizzy and sick to his stomach. The other coaches encouraged Tim to take him to the ER to be checked out. They told him that he probably just had a mild concussion and to just take it easy for the next couple of days. He has a huge knot on the back of his head and still feels a little weak and dizzy, but other than that he is fine. Football is such a scary sport and makes me very nervous. Kyle is a very tough and aggressive player, and I never thought he would get hurt, but who am I kiddin, they put them in gear from head to toe for a reason, and even that doesn't protect them. Anyway, I thank God he is okay and will just pray protection over him every time he hits the field.

Well, once again, I just tought I would update everyone on our exciting week. Hope you enjoyed it and will come back for the next exciting "Life at the Flemings".

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Baby Turned "12"

It is so hard to believe that my firstborn is now 12 years old. Where does the time go?? I feel like it was just yesterday that I was doing the same things for her that I am now doing for Ella. (Feeding her, bathing her, changing her diaper) Wow, just like the old saying, time flys when you're having fun!! It has been fun. Katie has been such a blessing to our whole family. She was the firstborn, so that in itself is special. We got to experience everything for the first time with her. And now at 12 years old we are still experiencing firsts. But what a great person to experience them with. She was very challenging as a young girl. She was a very strong willed child, and still is. However, she has always had a terrific attitude and a great personality. She loves Jesus and doesn't mind sharing that with other people. She is very well liked at school by her peers and by the teachers. Last year she was given the Ambassador of the Year award for the whole Westside Middle School. I know some of you are thinking, Katie Fleming, the young quiet girl that would rather just sit and listen than to talk to anyone. Well she is somewhat like that until you get to know her. She is a lot of fun and really smart. I don't know where she gets that from (probably my side). Anyway, if you don't know my beautiful 12 year old daughter, Katie, you are missing out on a blessing. Happy "12th" Birthday my sweet Katie! I love you very much and thank God for you each and every day.

Monday, August 25, 2008

I need to do more

Do you ever feel a lack of self worth? Do you ever feel that you need to be doing more? These questions have been bothering me for days now. I'm a stay at home mom as I have an 11 month old and there was never any doubt that I would always stay home with our children. I stayed home with our 12 year old and 10 year old until they started school. God blessed me with a job that I could do out of my home at that time. It was a great job and allowed me to be home with both kids until Kyle started school. After that I subbed and volunteered at their school almost every day and then became a parapro during Kyle's 3rd grade year and Katie's last year at the Elementary School. What more could any mom ask for? God knew where my heart was and knew how much I loved being with my kids. The following year God blessed us with Ella and once again I was able to stay home with her. I love being at home and having that special time with my children. I love being able to pick up Kyle from school and Katie from cheerleading. I love being able to go to school functions. I love having the house clean and supper cooked when Tim gets home from work (well not every day). All of this is so important to me. I wouldn't want it any other way, but I feel like I need to do more. I feel like I need to be bringing in an income to help with all of the expenses. I feel as if I'm not doing my part. Am I a horrible person for feeling this way as God has so blessed me with the ability to stay home. I just feel so guilty when I need to buy clothes or when I grab lunch out. Those of you who stay home do you ever feel this way? Let me just say Tim doesn't make me feel this way, he is wonderful! He encourages me to do things for myself and wants me to stay home. What a great husband God has blessed me with!!

As I was praying this morning I asked God to give me something that I could do that wouldn't take much time away from my kids, but that would give me a little extra money and help me feel like I was doing my part. Well almost immediately a friend of mine called wanting me to come to a Mary Kaye meeting to learn about selling Mary Kaye. She just started about two months ago and loves it. Well I love Mary Kaye products, but I hate parties. She said she did to and has never done one. Well that sounded great to me. If I could sell the products without doing parties, how awesome would that be.

Dont get me wrong in all of this because I know what I do is important to GOD. I know I'm doing what God wants me to do, but is it so bad to want to do more. Is it so bad to want to earn my own money and maybe get to spend time with others. I just want to please my Heavenly Father above all. I love you girls and knew that I could come to you for words of wisdom and encouragement.

Friday, August 15, 2008

To Catch You Up

Hi Friends!

I thought while Ella was taking a nap I would try to catch everyone up on what went on this summer at the Fleming household (if anyone cares). First of all, I guess everyone knows by now we moved. That is why I have not been able to blog for so long. We sold our house in the country and moved to the city. (Sounds like Green Acres, but just the opposite.) Tim was so tired of being so far out and the gas was killing us. I didn't think I would ever enjoy being back in the city especially not in a condo, but let me just say "I love it"!! I am eating my words and telling Tim how right he was every day. The kids are the happiest they have been in a long time. I really enjoy having Nancy so close and being so close to "everything" walmart, kroger, walmart, zaxby's, walmart, the mall, walmart.....I just love Walmart... I also love my condo. We bought a new one so we were able to take walls down and pick out everything. It was a lot of fun and we got it just like we want it. So I want to thank all of you for praying for me during that difficult time of having to sell my dream home. You knew that God was in control and He would not let me down. Thank you girls and thank you Lord!!

In June, Tim and I and the kids went to Naples, Florida for a week. We had the best time. The place we stay is called the LaPlaya (look it up). It is wonderful! The rooms are great...the view is awesome...and they cater to your every need. They have four pools and a hot tub. It's a great place to take your family. The only downfall is the drive. It is about a 10 hour drive. That was pretty hard with a baby, but it is worth it!!!

Also, in July, Tim and I and Ella went to St. Simons. Our favorite place to vacation!!! Tim had a conference there so Ella and I tagged along. Katie had cheerleading camp that same week so we didn't take Kyle either to be fair. It was very relaxing for me and Ella. This place also had several pools and a kiddie pool. Ella had just learned to walk so she had so much fun in the kiddie pool. She could stand up in her float and walk around. It was the cutest thing. She loves the water, but is not really crazy about the beach. I don't think the sand tasted too good!!!!

Finally the last vacation to Pigeon Forge with the family only Katie got to go. We were all supposed to go, but Tim could not get off from work and we really didn't need to spend the money. Dewey, Jo, Lisa, and Emma decided to go on and go so we decided to let Katie go for Emma. Kyle was okay with this after a few bribes. If you just mention buying baseball cards thats all it takes. He got to go last year so he was really fine staying home with us. Tim took one day off and we spent it with Kyle doing whatever he wanted to do.

Okay, I'm gonna try to wrap this up because I know I am boring you to death. Even though we had a great summer, it was still very hard knowing that this would be the last summer Dewey would be a pastor. It's all Tim has ever known and what I have been used to for 15 years. But I believe change is good and God is with us every step of the way. I'm excited to see what is in store for Dewey in his new endeavor and just the same for our church.

Now it is back to school time and back to reality. Katie started cheerleading practice with their first game next Saturday and their first competition September 20th at Northwest High School. If anyone would like to go please let me know. Kyle starts football practice next week. Tim is so excited that he gets to be the coach again this year, just kiddin....! Ella and I are enjoying our days at home so please call, email or come by anytime. We would love the company. I love you guys and I am so excited to be blogging again.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'M BACK!!!!! YEA!!!

Hey friends! I'm back!! I can't believe it is working again. Cyndi you are awesome!!! I love you!!! I just want to start off by saying I have missed talking with you guys so much. I love this way of communicating with all of you. Sometimes it is so much easier to sit down and type than pick up the phone, especially when you want to call everybody!!!

How are all of you?? I hope doing great. I hope to get on each of your blogs and find out what is going on tonight or tomorrow. I guess you can imagine how crazy my life is right now. I know you all feel the same way. With school starting back, cheerleading going full force, football sign-ups, and the most significant right now, Ella and everything going on with her.

Let me just say she is doing great! She is walking everywhere and into everything. I can't take my eyes off of her for one minute!! Not only am I watching to see what she is getting into next, but since Sunday's seizure I have watched her every move. And that brings me to what happened Sunday. I have beat myself up about it ever since because I really feel like it was all my fault. Tim and I had decided that it was probably okay to miss a morning dose here and there. She is so much happier when we wait and give it to her at night. But we found out the hard way that we cannot do this. She absolutely has to have her morning dose and evening dose. I feel terrible, but I have learned my lesson and thank the Lord she is okay.

We did go see the neurologist on Tuesday and he said she looked great and seemed to be progressing just like a normal one year old. He was very reassuring and gave me peace of mind, which I really needed after the Sunday episode. He does not want to raise her dosage yet, even though she is older. He just wants me to be consistent and see if we can keep her on this dose a little longer. Thank you for all of your prayers, calls, and words of encouragement. Please continue to pray that she outgrows this real soon without any complications.

Once again I am so glad I get to blog with ya'll again and I promise to update all my pictures real soon. Most of you know where I am now, so please come visit anytime. I love all of you very much.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

You Bless Me!

Hi Friends! Have I told you how Wonderful you are? Have I told you how much you bless me? You are all so sweet the way you genuinly care about me and my family. Thank you for your continued prayers and friendship during these strange and trying times in the Fleming Family. I know I have told you all this before, but I really feel like it needs to be said again. Thank you for loving and supporting Dewey and Jo during these past couple of years and giving them the strength to carry on. Thank you for loving and praying for Lisa during her difficult time as well without any judgement or ridicule. And thank you for being there for us on so many occasions with your kindness and open arms as we struggled with Ella's seizures. Even though we kept our distance from you, you reached out to us as a friend and Body of Christ should do. You all have taught me so much.

I have truly felt your prayers this week as I came a little closer to being at peace about selling my house. I can't wait to see what God has in store for us. I can't wait to see His will for our life. My devotion this morning was about God's will and it said that alot of times we just ask God's will to be done in our lives, but it is not that simple! We also need to ask God for spiritual wisdom and understanding. God's wisdom and understanding gives us the ability to discern each step. So as I ask God for His will and where we are supposed to live, I pray He fills me with the spiritual wisdom and understanding that I need. Does this make any sense? Does it sound strange since we are just moving to another house? I feel God has a purpose and plan for every move we make. This move is about becoming debt free (eventually) and about Tim not having to work extra jobs to make ends meet. I feel this move will lift a heavy burden off Tim, which will relieve some stress off the rest of the family. I am so excited and anxious to see what "door" God opens for us. But wherever it is, it will be full of "His love" and forever open to each of "you".

Also, I can't close without saying how blessed I was Sunday morning! If you haven't read Tammy's email, please ask me for it because she put it beautifully!!!! What an awesome church we have!!
Love to you all,